+ What is a Google 360 Virtual Tour?

A Google 360 Virtual Tour is a "virtual walkthrough" of your business. Think Google Maps Street View for businesses. This provides the opportunity for potential customers/clients to see what your business has to offer in terms of atmosphere, space, decor and the overall the business interior.

+ What kind of businesses can have a virtual tour done?

Restaurants, gyms, salons and anything you can think of!

+ Where will my virtual tour be listed?

Your virtual tour will be listed on your company Google page and all Google services. I will do the editing of the photos myself and upload them to your Google profile where the tour can be accessed.

+ Which parts of my business will be photographed?

This is totally up to you to decide! We will do an initial walkthrough of what areas you would like for us to photograph and display on Google.

+ Do I own the Photos?

Yes! All photos are yours to keep afterwards. You will receive a link of all the raw unstitched/stiched images and they are yours to keep.

+ Where else can I post my photos?

  • Facebook has a feature where you can upload the panoramic pictures to your business' page for everyone to see
  • You can post embed tours directly on your company's website

+ What is the cost of a virtual tour

We here at CB Studios price according to the number of "virtual steps". This meaning whether it's a small / medium / large business the price will vary. If you're not of the size of your business, contact us directly and we wouuld love to discuss pricing options with you!

+ Are there any fees after the photoshoot is complete?

NONE! There are no fees associated with having these photos on your Google business page. All photos are listed on Googles' servers free of charge. No monthly/yearly fees

+ How long does it take to complete the photoshoot

Times may vary, but typically 1-2 hours is the average amount of time needed. Larger or multileveled buildings may take longer to complete

+ Is there anything I need to prepare prior to the shoot

The photoshoot displays what your business looks like to potential clients and customers so we want your business to be in pristine condition. Clean floors, organized displays and any specific decor such as flowers, set tables or food dishes all add to the photoshoot.

+ Do you do reshoots?

Yes! We understand that businesses change over time and repeat customers will have the opportunity for us to update your virtual tours/photos at a discounted price.