CB Studios
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Cell: 204-296-9540

My name is Christopher Ngo, co-founder of CB Studios. Along with my team, we strive to achieve the best quality photography for any event you throw at us.

I have been a photographer for a little bit over two years and have mostly been self-taught. I first picked up a camera in hopes of capturing my world travels. You can see some of my personal portfolio on my Instagram page @c_ng0. After posting a couple of photos over those first couple of trips I took, I was asked my friends and family if I could do some photos for their pets and it kind of just took off from there. Two years later, I’m booking for weddings, engagements, couples, pets and anything else you can name!

I also have the privilege of being a Google Affiliated Trusted Photographer. In a nutshell, this allows be to provide businesses, schools and arenas with not just photos but Google 360 Virtual Tours. Think Google ‘Street View’ for buildings and arenas. You can virtually walk through a building all on Google / Google Maps! Click here for more info on that.